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Mr Mango & The Candy Mountain

Once Upon a Time was Mr Mango.

He wanted to be a King one day and today was the day.He travelled far and wide and found a gaint castle on top of a mountain with gumball rocks and chocolate snow he climbed up and up and up as far as he could but he did not reach the top he fell down instead he hit all the gumball rocks and all the chocolate snow right to the bottom of the mountain he said to himself “I give up”  but then a funny thought came to him “I never give up i’m Mr Mango” he climbed up once again he went far up and up and up and something got in his way a candy snow lion he ran away but he thought “I’m Mr Mango and I never run from a fight” he pushed him off and he felt proud. Years went by and he got to the top he went in and nothing inside he made it his home and lived there all his life and he knew he was able to do anything.


By Apple Explosion and Friends


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