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Me And My Flying Dragon

Once Upon was a Dragon

“DRAGON”said Billy “HELP ME”.Billy was in troble the village is getting wrecked.”AHHHHH”Billy said he just got taken away…Then billy opend his eyes and saw a new village and all his freinds who got takan away from the dragons.”Is this the City Of Peace “.He wonderd the City Of Peace was a lovley kingdom with no war and every thing you need.But he looked behind him a huge dragon and then he saw who cauht him a tiny baby dragon he picked it up and it belched fire out.Billys face was a mixture of red and black.”that hurt”Said billy.Billy saw the dad and he was not impressed and then he saw what he had done he saw the dragon and he was holding it and he put it down and finaly he went to a house saying ” RESERVED FOR BILLY TREVER”.he went in and a big suprise was there……………


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