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Once upon a time

I stood there no one near I was on a small island. I had sent at least 18 bottles with messages in but there was no answer, then I remembered when i was with my family and all the fun I had but that could’nt happen anymore just because i bullied them and it hurt me to know that now everything was over because i was so selfish. I sat their with my head in my hands and tears trickling down my face, I was a bully but what hurt me so much is that I was the one who done it all, but now I was alone and no one to help so I am going to turn over a new leaf and I am going to be the best child ever, I ran to the water and shouted “I am different I am not a bully” i shouted and now I have the best friends ever


by Roaring Ice-cream

Apple Explosion and friends

Commet at http://www.roaringicecream.wordpress.com





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